How To Disable ‘Connect Your Store To WooCommerce’ Message


WooCommerce is a fantastic piece of software allowing people of all kinds of skill levels to start selling online with ease, in fact its growth is now even seeing it being used by companies turning over much more than your small garage business.

The best thing about WooCommerce and WordPress in general is the ease in which it can grow with extensions. WooCommerce itself has a great extension store full of lots of great plugins and since version 3.3.1 of WooCommerce you may have noticed a prompt at the top of your store admin panel advising you to ‘Connect your store to WooCommerce to receive extension updates and support‘.

WooCommerce Connect Message

There are two sides to this situation, you may well want to connect your store to ensure things such as automatic updates are easily available, but you may also decide you no longer want to pay the subscription and stick with that you have, in that case are you just supposed to accept that the above message will sit on your site in the way forever?

How To Remove The Message For Good

Thankfully, as easy as WordPress and WooCommerce make it to expand, they also make it just as easy to tweak the way in which things are displayed, like messages that cannot be dismissed.

Simply add the following line of code to your theme’s functions.php¬†file and your troubles shall be no more!

// ezeewp hide woocommerce connect message

Final Words

A nice and simple tutorial here to help keep your admin area clear of clutter and full of what you actually want to look at instead!

As ever, any questions or queries, leave a message below!

Happy Coding!

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